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Is meat can make a Blood Pressure?

Many people understand and realize, setting lifestyle and dietary influence on health.
But it turns out, many still fall for the myth that health care often misleading. Instead of bringing healing, even misleading.
One of the myths that are believed to eat the meat will cause high blood. High blood is indeed the main cause of heart disease and other diseases.

Hypertension makes the heart work harder, arterial wall stiffening, arterosklerosis formation of plaque that can lead to blockage of blood vessels. In the long run lead to poor cardiac hypertension, heart attack, blockage in the blood vessels of the brain (stroke).

According to dr.Handarawan Nadesul, not the meat that causes high blood pressure, but salt. "Salt dapurlah to hostile families, especially when there talented high blood derivatives," he said.

He added, eating meat in moderation, not only advisable, but necessary. Meat contains a number of important nutrients, other than amino acids required to maintain the cells and organs.

"Once or twice a week to consume meat, is still considered feasible. So also with eggs," explained dr.Handrawan. Eating meat abstinence failed to stem not only hypertension, but also result in the body of vitamin B12 deficiency and iron. Two nutrients contained in meat.


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