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China Reject New Sanctions Iran Against

Beijing: Amid the bustle of a new strengthening of support for Iran sanctions by western countries especially the United States, Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, said the new sanctions against Iran does not break the deadlock over the nuclear program issue that Mullah country.
Such release, Reuters reported Tuesday (7 / 3).
In a news conference at the annual meeting between the parliaments of China, Yang Jiechi said, "As all know, pressure and sanctions rather than a fundamental way forward in resolving the Iranian nuclear issue, and basically can not solve this problem." He said, China realized there are some difficulties in solving the Iranian nuclear issue now, but until now never thought of China's diplomatic efforts had ended.
Beijing previously rejected the application of harsh sanctions against Iran which is a major source of oil for China. Jiechi stressed the reluctance of the Beijing government, while continuing to seek non-stop against a new UN resolution for Iran.
While the Washington and other Western powers, want China to agree a new UN resolution proposed, to impose sanctions against Tehran. Mullah country was accused of making nuclear weapons and violating the treaty of nuclear non-proliferation.
Reuters sources said the statement was China's second rebuke to the U.S. for the last two months. This is related to Beijing that Washington's accusations had interfered with China's internal affairs by inviting the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama met with the President and Secretary of State United States. (Job)


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