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Driving Without a SIM, Drogba Fined

For lovers of Didier Drogba, Chelsea striker this behavior inappropriate imitated. The Ivory Coast striker is desperate to drive on the highway kendaraanya England without having driver's license (SIM) is valid.
Due behavior Drogba fined £ 565, approximately USD 7.8 million, and was found guilty of driving without a driver's license or temporary securities.
Drogba himself was already pocketed international driver's license. However, he did not have a SIM in the UK because until now Drogba has not passed the exam in the country where his career was.
Drogba did admit his guilt, but he remains evasive. Previously insurers Axa says not to drive in England or France has provided the international driver's license.
"I believe there is no reason to worry about driving a car in the UK, because I have been insured," said Drogba as reported by Bleacher Report, Wednesday, March 3, 2010.
"I have explained to them (the authorities), if I stay here, but at the same time, I also have a home and family in France so the car always in France," said Drogba.


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