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'Obama' Come on KPK Century Demo

VIVAnews - About 100 protesters joined in the archipelago Students Alliance (AMN) and Youth Action Committee Against Corruption (ax) held the action urged the Corruption Eradication Commission resolve the case of Century Bank.In the action that was held in front of the Building Commission, Jakarta, Tuesday, February 23, 2010, they also carried the photograph President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama. In the photograph, is written "Go to Hell Thief" and "Do not Bullshit me".

"KPK must immediately investigate the case thoroughly century bank, if the Commission could not do it let the people who investigate and prosecute the thief century," shouted Wasil, one of the protesters.

In his oration, the masses are also demanding that the Commission under the leadership Tumpak Panggabean Hatorangan can maintain independence in investigating the case of Century. Commission also asked not affected by the intervention of power. Massa also had a symbolic action by burning flags and t-shirts Democrats attribute.


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